A Girls Hostel

Admission Process

Admission Procedure

Rights of admission is reserved. The admission are through the normal procedure which will only be accepted on fulfilling all the eligibility criteria and a written consent by the students that she will comply with the rules and regulations of the hostel. Any violation of hostel rules will lead to disciplinary action and fines. In serious case it can result in suspension.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The admission will be accepted minimum for 4 month
  • This hostel is only for students not for working girls(working girls will be admitted under terms & condition).
  • The applicant has to submit fully filled application form together with the required documents. Incomplete form will be summarily rejected.
  • For admission process printout of registration form will be compulsory.

Checklist Of Enclosures

  • Proof of confirm admission of any college or institute in which the student is enrolled.
  • One passport size photographs of student and one each of parents.
  • Address proof.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Address proof and phone no. of local guardian.
  • A demand draft duly signed by the authorized person other than student along with pan card copy.

Cancellation of admission

The hostel has a right to cancel the admission of the student if she has violate hostel rules or has been guilty of breach of hostel discipline or committed an act of misconduct i.e. act of vandalism deliberately, mischief and non payment of hostel dues and fines.

Fine Charges Per head

  • Late coming by 15 min. no entry or no punching Rs. 100
  • Late coming by half an hour Rs. 200
  • Late after half and hour or night out without intimation (suspension)
  • Food wastage Rs. 50
  • Room AC fan lights on Rs. 50
  • Late Bath Rs. 50
  • Untidy Room Rs. 20
  • Passage, bathroom lights on Rs. 20
  • If found out of room after 10:30 Rs. 100
  • Not attending or late coming in prayer session Rs. 50
  • Late dining Rs.50
  • If found with any electrical appliance Rs. 200
  • Mobile (on) after 10:00 PM Rs. 100/- Also management has right to confiscate the same.
  • Improper parking Rs. 50


On consecutive repetition and violation of the rules can directly result to suspension.

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