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Shri Bhimsen Agrawal.

Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Charitable Trust.( Since 1986…) Founder Shri Bhimsen Agrawal.
Human rights and social justice are the philosophical underpinnings of social work practice. The uniqueness of social work practice is in the blend of some particular values, knowledge and skills, including the use of relationship as the basis of all interventions and respect for the common people .Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Charitable Trust works with the same objective to the society. The Founder of Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Charitable Trust was Shri Bhimsen Agrawal, born 25th March 1930 in Kharsia in the family of Ramnath Gupta. He had taken the responsibilities of business at the early age of 18 year. He started business in trading of cement and Iron & Steel, hence for growth and development of the business he and his whole family was shifted to Raipur. He was an ardent devotee of God. His interest in ramayan was as compelling as in God. He used to read the holy Ramayan in his office gaddi at Kharsia. He believes that it is only power of Ramayan making him strong and responsible towards the society. His gaddi is respected by all the people. His dream was to provide services as members of a society in multidisciplinary ways. He started actively engaged in day to day activities of the trust soon after his heart attack. He was retired and devoting his full time to the cause of under privileged of the society. His wealth of experience was proving extremely useful for the working of the trust.

Due to his effort and willingness he succeeded in fulfilling his dream by making Shree Ram Bhavan and then Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Sabha Bhawan in the year 1992, under his Trust named Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Charitable Trust. Unfortunately he passed away in the year 1992. In order to fulfill the dreams of a great philanthropist and a man of vision Shri Bhimsen Agrawal. His family set themselves the task of realizing their beloved father’s and grandfather’s ambition. His family continuously contributing in transforming his efforts for of society to provide affordable education health, helping poor and other social, religious activites  . The Trust is expanding by brining and working with the same view of Shri Bhimsen Agrawalji.                 

The Trust focuses on areas such as: human development, sociolegal, psychosocial, counseling, social policy, public administration, social program evaluation, and community development. The Trust aims at providing relief to the poor, education, medical relief, preserving monuments and environment and the advancement of any other object of general public utility.

Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Charitable Trust enables to support the people and things we believe in, to make a difference that can last for generations. Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Charitable Trust comprises of different organization at different location in the state of Chhattisgarh with the aim to carry out extensive work in all the areas.
1.    Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Sabha Bhawan , Samta Colony, Raipur.
2.    Shree Ram Bhawan ,Near Railway Station, Raipur.
3.    Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Mangal Bhawan, Kumhari Dist Durg.
4.    Godavari Bhawan ,Kharsia Dist Raigarh
5.    Ramesh Sewa Sadan , Samta Colony , Raipur.
6.    Godavari Sewa Sadan , Samta Colony , Raipur (Under Construction).

1. Shree Ram Bhawan, Near Railway Station, Raipur.
 Shree Ram Bhawan is situated near the Railway station in Raipur started in the year 1988. The Bhawan is rendering social welfare services to the needy people, by providing accommodation to passenger coming to Raipur for medical treatments, students who are coming to give exams and other purposes. The charges are very nominal as Bed is charged with Rs 20 /- per day and Room is charged with Rs 60 /- per day. As a result of which the Bhawan is always overcrowded with the people.

2. Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Sabha Bhawan , Samta Colony, Raipur.
The Bhawan is situated in the heart of the city Raipur inaugurated by Smt.Godavari Devi Agrawal wife of Shri Bhimsen Agrawal in the year 1992.The Bhawan had established its identity by rendering very valuable services to the general public of the area irrespective of caste & creed and   promote social, cultural and educational program to create awareness, brotherhood among the community. Besides this it holds seminars of intellectuals and educationists, spread education, organizes yagya ,satsang, katha, marriages, and
various other religious, cultural, social and political activities at very nominal rates with all good facilities.

3. Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Mangal Bhawan Kumhari Dist Durg.
Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Mangal Bhawan is situated in Kumahari Dist Durg, inaugarted by Lt Smt.Godavari Devi Agrawal wife of Shri Bhimsen Agrawal in year 1993.The Bhawan aims to become a catalyst for social change. The trust has adopted a village Kumahari  in Dist Durg  where is has been working in the areas of healthcare, education and women’s upliftment .It has  actively engaging with the local community at Kumahari to develop community development programs. As it provide the Bhawan for various social gathering at very low cost with very facilities which was previously not present.

4. Godavari Bhawan ,Kharsia Dist Raigarh.

The foundation of this most admired and highly recognized Bhawan was laid by Smt.Sushila Devi Agrawal elder daughter of Shri Bhimsen Agrawal in the year 2007 by a Trust, who were both socially active and likeminded for all common people. The main objective to establish was to create an omnipresent parental set up and thus generate a support system for all common people to further the bonding amongst them in areas of social, educational, economic well being. It could then serve as a platform for sympathetic interaction in areas as diverse as education, social networking, and planning marriages, socializing in times good and bad; as also to provide the means for a sharing of experience and dreams through successive generations in diverse areas and provide for lateral and vertical progress in all facets of public life. Our main activity is to provide Bhawan for wedding and other social gatherings, spiritual meets, seminars etc at very reasonable and affordable cost.

5. Ramesh Seva Sadan , (RSS) Samta Colony , Raipur.

Ramesh Seva Sadan  situated in Samata Colony ,Raipur inaugurated by Smt.Sita Devi Agrawal elder daughter-in-law of Shri Bhimsen Agrawal in the  year 2007, has been a torch bearer in the field of education in the region. The Managing Committee with its futuristic vision started a girls Hostel. The need for a hostel was felt to cater to the demands of students hailing from nearby cities. The hostel today can boast of a new five-storeyed block which is fully equipped with all modern amenities. The hostel can accommodate 200 students. It aims to provide total security and safety to its inmates.

Facilities at Ramesh Sewa Sadan

1.     Hostel rooms are fully air-conditioned and furnished.
2.    Cool drinking water facility during summers and solar geyser facility during winters
3.    Regular water and electricity supply.
4.    The Hostel mess - its food is regularly checked by student representatives, and management of the hostel.
5.    The Hostel Kitchen is fully equipped with modern gadgets and special care is taken about hygiene and nutrition of the food supplied.
6.    The Hostel common room has recreation facilities like Home Theatre, Indoor Games, News Papers and Magazines.
7.    The Dining Room is equipped with Music System and T.V.
8.    Cultural Programmes and competitions are organized in the hostel from time to time.
9.    A regular Daily Ramayan is done in the hostel with all the students together.

Our efforts are also on to provide additional multi-storeyed another girls hostel  along with additional features over it at existing nearby site of Ramesh Sewa Sadan named Godavari Seva Sadan for the accommodation of  500 girls  within next 1 years.

Other Features and Activities of Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Charitable Trust
Shree Ramnath Bhimsen Charitable Trust has also significantly contributed towards building temples like Khatu Shyam temple in Raipur, Khatu Shyam temple Bilaspur, Agrasen Bhawan in Bilaspur,Agrasen Dhaam Raipur,contributed in MMI hospital Raipur and other government hospital, given scholarship to meritorious poor student through Maharaja Agrasen International College, Raipur for their education. The Trust is a grass-roots, non-profit and one of the largest social work organizations in Chhattisgarh. It is a resource of education and knowledge that provides meaningful, multi-leveled social and educational services for the benefit of others. It is also working in a philanthropic mode where scholarships were given to deserving students, tuition fees for deserving students was paid directly to the school, donation of educational materials was undertaken, donations were made to smaller grassroots organizations working in rural areas as well as support to handicapped children. The trust has also contributed towards awareness programs on children’s issues. His family organizes Akhand Ramayan every year on the death anniversary of Shree Bhimsen Agrawal.
Ongoing contributions and other support have made it possible for the Trust to help many people in our community. Through first-hand experience, We firmly believe that each person has the ability to make positive changes in the lives of others through loving kindness, dedication and effort.

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